Vision & Mission


Human Development is about creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests (UNDP).

The booming tourism industry is such possible environment. It is a motor for increasing prosperity for local communities, both at the micro level of involved individuals and their families, as well as at the level of the communities in the region where they live and work.

Fundamental to achieving this, is the strengthening of the necessary human competences and capabilities of both private and public stakeholders so they can develop and secure for the longer term their local conditions of life economically as well culturally and ecologically.

This envisions the implementation of projects for tourism education, entrepreneurial capacity building, and intercultural competence enhancement.



The mission of the ViaVia Tourism Academy is to develop, apply and share Knowledge and Experience in Sustainable Tourism Development with private and public beneficiaries in South and North regions where tourism is prioritized in order to increase prosperity and inclusive societies.

To achieve this, the ViaVia Tourism Academy builds on a ‘Knowledge – Experience – Sharing’ triangle.



  1.  Translate state-of-the art  knowledge and field experience into hands-on tools for sustainable tourism education and development (KNOWLEDGE)
  2. Apply  the learned in the context of the ViaVia Traveler Cafés and other sustainable tourism development projects, and adjust  (EXPERIENCE)
  3. Share our applied knowledge and experience with stakeholders in emerging destinations where tourism is prioritized as an important sector for development (SHARING)