Development of Tour Guide and Tour Leader Programs in Yogyakarta


LOCATION Yogyakarta, Indonesië

PERIOD 1995 until now

OBJECTIVE Organisation & implementation of tour guide and tour leader trainingprograms on regular bases and supporting newly trained guides in their search for employement

PARTNERS Sanata Dharma University

• Karavaan vzw (Flanders)
• ViaVia Yogyakarta

BUDGET Own resources

FUNDING Projectenfonds + local contribution by Sanata Dharma University


The projects in Indonesia grew organically out of the local involvement of the ViaVia Yogyakarta.

1995: 10 local guides are trained by two experienced VVTA-trainers using interactive and experiential teaching methods.

1996: TOT -approach; the trained guides acquire some experience and continue their training to become senior guides. And on their turn they pass on their experience to new guides during a training they organize themselves under the supervision of the ViaVia Tourism Academy.

1997: Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta asks the ViaVia Tourism Academy for professional support with a project concerning the sustainable tourism development in the region.

2007: The tour guide training course is updated.

2011: 8 senior tour guide trainers are given an advanced train-the-trainer training in tourist experience design and 3 lectures are given at the Sanata Dharma University, the State University Yogyakarta and UPN Yogyakarta.

RESULTS 1998 – 2012: Every year a training for senior guides is hosted in Yogyakarta and a strong cooperation exists with the three universities providing tourism-related university courses in Yogyakarta.